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Timberock Heritage Poultry Farm
Here at Timberock, we also maintain a poultry farm that is used primarily for the production of all-natural, free range meat and eggs.

The process of the production of the chickens begins with our ordering of baby chicks from the hatchery.  We raise the chicks under heat lamps in a clean, insulated building for about eight weeks, or until they are well into the pullet stage.   
After they have reached the pullet stage, we then nuture them for several more weeks in one of many different locations on the farm.  The pullets are kept inside their coups at night, but are allowed to roam freely outdoors in several large fenced-in areas during the day. 
When the pullets have reached the maturity of hens and are ready to begin laying eggs, we move them to one of several areas on the farm where we have constructed nests.  These nests are sanitized on a regular basis to ensure not only the well being of our chickens, but also to help ensure that we maximize the quality of the product that we supply to our customers.
All of our eggs are hand-washed in a 99.99% organic enzyme solution and are carefully inspected to ensure quality.  After washing the eggs, they are candled (held up to a small light in a dark room to inspect for cracks in the shell or other imperfections), graded (weighed to determine size and further inspected to determine quality), and packaged.  


We put a one month expiration date on the package the day the eggs are collected, then store the eggs on site for no more than a few days before they are sold.  


At Timberock, we take great pride in the many products and services that we provide.  We fully understand just how important it is that we pay the utmost attention to detail, and whether you attend an event at our social venue or enjoy a delicious omelet made from our eggs, you'll understand exactly why we work so hard:  to make sure our clients and customers are 100% satisfied!  



Agnew Hopkins is our poultry expert, carefully breeding heritage turkeys, ducks, and chickens, resulting in some of the region's finest sustainably-raised eggs and poultry.
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